Tuesday, February 1, 2011

RIP, Pinky Toenail

I understand my feet are a little bit ugly, so this is for educational purposes only.  As you know, or may not know...I wrecked my toenail in Korea in June, and subsequently crushed it in Nicaragua on November 29th.  My poor little pinky toenail never had a chance.  It has hung on this long, but today I regret to inform you that it has lost its long battle with my clumsiness and has gone to the garbage can greener pastures.  Of course I remembered to photograph the entire scene for posterity my stupid blog.

See the floating imaginary nail, hanging by just a thread?

Here's a disgusting fuzzy picture of me opening it from the side.

That reminds me of a commercial that I was never able to physically deal with.  GROSS!  Remember this guy?  He's a little gross fungus cartoon character who "needs a place to party" and naturally opens up the nail of a dude, and then jumps! in, and has a party with his weird fungus friends.  YUCK.  Buy Lamasil!  (My dad should check into it.)

Kind of a strange marketing ploy, don't you think?  And look at that nail.  OUCH!

Anyway, my huge fear was that something would like catch it, and rip it off, so I have been band-aiding it like crazy hoping it would just fall off naturally.  But it's really just attached in one little place.
So I clipped it from the side, leaving the 'thread' it hangs by.

That was traumatic.  Now, let's just hope I never have to cut off my own arm.


Anonymous said...

Poor kady. Ur poor little toe!. Miss u lots.
Love Jeanelle.(if u forgot, ur roomie. In nica.)

Kady said...

Ha how could I ever forget the girl who gave up her more desirable bottom bunk bed for me when I was dying of Dengue fever?

k8 said...

Yuck...well at least you got to take it off...my pinky toe nail came flying off while I was getting a pedicure - and the naillady was totally disgusted. I was trying to explain to hear it was because it was rubbing my shoe wrong from running, but she thought I had some type of fungus...and started talking loudly in vietnamense with the other ladys

Eat my Lamisil said...

Blog Blog Blog... Why pick on the Fungi! All you ladies try the Badgi, the coolgi, the cutegi, the hotgi, the richgi, the surfgi. Then you complain it's not Fun to be with them anymore. Nothing satifies you and you keep searching!! Yet you trample all over the poor, poor, sweet Fungi!!!

Pinky Toe said...

Just R.I.P that thing off already!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh man oh man is that ever gross! I remember once when I was in a wedding and the bride treated us all to manicures and pedicures (I suspect so we didn't "redneck" up her wedding) and one of the girls was getting her feet done and the pedicurist looked at her pinky toe and sort of gasped. There was no toenail there. My friend said, "What? Oh that, just paint over the tip where a nail should be. Poor pedicure lady.

Kady said...

Sarah: ironically, that is exactly what happened tonight. In Spanish.

"Si posible, favor de pintar mi municke?"

"Yes. I can paint it."

Lil Pinky Toe said...

Paint it like I got one!

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