Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Entertainer of the Year


DB Stewart said...

Talking belly-buttons? A classic. Best party-game ever.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I love the motorcycle picture on the wall. Very retro-chic, mechanic's pin-up style.

A few guesses about what is going on in this picture:

a. Muffintop drumming, with vocal accompanyment.

b. Jeans-of-yesteryear-squeeze-in-competition winner's acceptance speech (looks like the trophy is a drinking glass...)

c. Bellybutton poetry recitation, very hoity-toity tone & verse selection (as evidenced by your pinky, high-classedly extended from the glass)

d. You & Summer singing, while everyone else listens (you both look like you might just be singing there...)

e. Around the room fart competition, picture is of your turn. (Really, your blog readers wouldn't put it past you)

f. Riddle competition, picture is the revelation of the answer to your, "What's white with a button in the middle?"

g. "Sing for your wine" game, this is you trying for your next glass

h. Singing lessons, this is you explaining how to "sing from your diaphragm"

i. Bikini designer (you) about to reveal next summer's must-have fashion trend using your breakaway shirt & jeans (are you standing on a runway there?)

j. You: "Alright people, who took my hat? You cannot hide - the bellybutton sees all!!" (as you swivel your torso back & forth to "look" at each person individually.)

k. You: "Who wants to see just how much lint is really in there?"

Any other guesses?


A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

ND I'm trying to figure out who you are because that was super funny and I am totally LOLing.

For you and dbs: actually,

l. At a certain point during every single party -- or office meeting -- I have ever been to in my life, (maybe there's a lull in the conversation) I expose my belly and force people to look at it. The end.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

oh duh. Nutrideath?

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