Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Broken Blood Vessel

Several years ago I had a gigantic zit on my face but it was totally an undergrounder, and so when I pinched and pinched and squeezed and mutilated, nothing came out. So unfair. But forever after that, I had this weird red-dot of a broken blood vessel in its place.
You can see it in the photo below, just to the left (my right) of my lower lip. No big deal. I lived with it for many years. But every so often I would bump it or accidentally or on purpose scratch it, or think that if I popped it like a zit and just "let it bleed" for a while it would bleed so much that it would dry up and go away. Ha! Silly! (It never did.)
Once, on a bus in Sri Lanka, I scratched it. I think accidentally on purpose. And it bled FOREVER. Thank goodness Summer had Kleenex and a Band-Aid.

(Who took all these photos? Chamudi and Sapna, of course! the two cutest little girls in Sri Lanka:)

The point of this story (there's a point of this story?) is that I finally got it cauterized! Problems have solutions!! I paid a guy $100 to stick a burnt match in my face and then he put a Band-Aid on there. I mean, he was a Doctor. He wasn't just a guy.




Anyway you can hardly see it anymore!



Jacqui said...

I would almost feel sorry for you if I didn't know you were in Maui and your eyelashes didn't look so amazing in those last two photos.

Anonymous said...

ha! I get a giant cold sore in exactly the place where your underground bleedy zit took place! I have also considered taking a match to it hoping to fix the situation, but I'd keep my $100 for the post-treatment medical care I'd probably need.

Chris said...

I'm laughing.

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