Friday, February 7, 2014

Finally, Science Comes Around to My Way of Thinking

I have extremely dry skin and so I don't shower every day. OK - I don't like getting wet and so I don't shower every day. OK, OK! I am extremely lazy and so I don't shower every day. Truth be told, I get really irritated, yes annoyed when I get to a point when I better take a shower finally. 

But look! Nerdy-cute scientists agree that I probably should continue as I am:
1:40 -- "Hot water softens the lipids and undermines natural oils...not only does it cause the skin to dry out but can allow a path for invading cells...showering can often ruin the healthy balance of your skin." 
You say so what? That's gross. I say I'm doing it for YOU!
2:04 -- "Showering and bathing increases disbursement of skin bacteria into the air, this allows the spread of micro-colonies from your skin onto other people's..."

This is just like that time they said we shouldn't be using anti-bacterial soap and I was like, "DUH".

1 comment:

Chris said...

I've never heard the "shower everyday" rule anyway. (And the "no posty" post was in the "you might also like" section at the end of your blog WITH MY PICTURE!!!) But you should brush your teeth!

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