Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shash-age Links

I like it when people have snarky senses of humor.

I can't believe I'm linking to this. But there's an Australian lady craftsy artist who knits scarves made from wool she first shoved up inside her no-no-special-place. Cozy!

These are cool but there's way too many to try to implement them into my life.

Health benefits of whiskey!

Did you hear about the eight Corvettes that fell into a sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky?

I wonder if anybody will ever love me like this:


Mom said...

I love you Kady. Maybe not like that, but it is love. Especially after I read the health benefits of whiskey you posted. I know that was for me and now I can get back on the whiskey wagon...yay!!

Chris said...

Thanks for the efficiency tips! I've seen some of them before, but there were some new ones for me!!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Isn't anybody gonna say anything about the hoo-hah scarves??

Unknown said...

Forget vaginal knitting!
Time to "crotch crochet "!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

AMY hahahahaha!!!!

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