Thursday, March 6, 2014

Baby Blues. Cured.

I think I've been pretty open about my hormones and being 36 and how logically my brain wants no babies but emotionally my uterus wants all of the babies right now! It keeps getting worse the closer I get to menopause (which my three older sisters keep lovingly reminding me is just a few years away).

Recently, my nephew Miles accidentally got two months behind on his homework in five of his classes. I volunteered to help him catch up. Remember I'm the Auntie who is mean mean mean and makes kids do their homework for hours and hours and hours and hours?? Miles and I so far have put in about 13 hours on this project over the course of three weeks. He's done most of the work while I just sort of keep him on task (except I really love Algebra so I accidentally kept doing the problems before he got them done instead of teaching him how to do them, but that's neither here nor there).

Anyway, one of our five-hour homework sessions happened on a rare warm day in Minnesota February and everybody got to go outside and play in the snow except for me and Miles. Because I am a responsible adult who knows when to skip the fun and help the kid. Which means I can never have any babies. Because babies grow up to be kids who have homework and I never ever want to skip the fun ever again! I'm 100% cured. 

Ask me anything you ever wanted to know about Copernicus.

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Megs said...

I keep hoping that maybe my biological clock is and will stay broken.

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