Friday, March 7, 2014

Shash-age Links

HAHA Pharell's hat on Tumblr.

I'm pretty obsessed with this song. It's either because I'm dying for a garden this summer or because she uses the word "emphysemin'", I'm not sure.

NPR's timeline of Minnesota winter snow rage is pretty accurate and cute.

OMG what an idiot. Dad, I've never done anything this dumb as a daughter have I?

And: Dad. I certainly haven't ever done anything THIS DUMB as a daughter, have I? P.S. If she wins this case it sets a precedent and that makes it possible for me to come after you and mom. It seems you owe me a college education! Also, I feel entitled to an expensive juicer. I'll send you the link.

Haha. Travoltify your name. Some people are saying "leave him alone! he has dyslexia!" (which is unconfirmed) I still think it would behoove him and his responsibility as a presenter in front of a billion people to memorize the name of the one woman he had to introduce. What a silly! Anyway, please just call me "Kirsty Hazeems" from now on. 

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