Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kady = inappropriate

Today I heard about a poor guy I sort of know and how his toes got amputated and then now he's having some serious gangrene issues.

I made a Little Piggies joke. Something about 'all the way home'.

One time in high school my favorite teacher and major crush was showing me a picture of his mom. She had recently died and he was looking for photos for a nice poster board, or obituary or something.

I said, "She looks good. For being dead." (This one I really thought was very funny and that he would laugh and laugh. He only sort of blankly stared at me and said nothing.)

An older woman was telling me all about her son and sort of implying that he was single, and I was single, and well...

I said, "I thought he was only into Asian girls."
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