Friday, April 10, 2009

Spam Filter (Rated PG-13)

I have a spam filter at work, and I'm notified a couple times a week to go in there and delete/deliver messages.

Here are samples of the fabulous offers that I have been missing because of my stupid firewall:

Questions about breast size:
  • A complete natural way to enhance your breast.
  • Get yourself the breast of your dream Via Quick Bust.

How about muscles?:

  • The wanted tough muscles are easy to get with HGG.


  • A pimple, two pimples, three pimples, They do not leave you, Repulse them!


  • Girl would like to have a boyfriend.

Money matters?:

  • You can save really a lot, I've told you many times.

General health?:

  • Say, No!, to herpes and, Yes!, to kisses!

Love matters?:

  • Your intimate happiness is not far away.
  • Your wife will be cooking you food so you can have her right.
  • The blue pill will make your p*nis work in a few minutes.
  • Your male member is screaming.
  • You will always hear "Yes" when you offer a woman to share a bed with you.
  • Give your partner more satisfaction and more pleasant moments.
  • No more failures in bed! If you think this is impossible, you are mistaken.
  • How to Get A Girl to Do AAnything (sic) And Everything in Bed.
  • Dont loose (sic) hope to improve your intimate life.
  • She will meet you all days with all your love.

And, my personal favorite and all-time winner:

  • Your ,limo, stands idle in the garage, Fuel it with the new Via!


Hanna said...

um, wow, do people actually take that stuff seriously?

kasey said...

are you sure those aren't from fortune cookies?

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