Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Normandale Nerd

I was just chatting with Ali and I remembered a funny time in my Spanish 3 class at Normandale Community College. I had just come from Spanish 2 and it was getting hard, and so I knew that I would probably need a study group like I had in 2. An older lady and I and one of the 'nerd'ier boys would get together in the older lady's townhouse in Eagan and we would STUDY for class together. So, on the first day of Spanish 3 I pretty much stood up and announced to the whole class that if anybody was interested in starting a STUDY GROUP that we could meet at my house and they should let me know. I thought for sure everybody would be like, "YAY!" and "You're so cool for offering!" "Just what we need!" "A study group!" but instead I was met with a deafening silence and tons of humiliation.

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