Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hal's Cornfield Pooping Advice

As much as I tease my dad, I sure do love him.  Look at this cutey cute cute photo of him when he was a little boy.

Notice the little muzzle on the puppy. 

Yesterday my brother and he went bear hunting and when they got home my brother had a hilarious story to tell about how he had to go poop out in the corn field.  It was urgent and he really couldn't wait so he really had to go poop in the corn field and there was no toilet paper and so he tried to use a corn leaf.  It made me laugh because he said that he wiped up.  Nothing.  He wiped down.  Nothing.  Then he wiped sideways.  Nothing.  Then he was forced to take a knife and cut his t-shirt into strips of toilet paper.  Look:

My dad said that he should have just put one leg on each side of the corn row and walked and walked until he was all wiped up.  That made me laugh again.


Sarah said...

I've heard stories about how people in the old days used corn cobs to wipe with. Of course then your brother would have had to pick an ear, peel it, and eat the corn before he could wipe. He'd probably start getting itchy.

Also that pic of your dad is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. The dog cracks me up.

Kady said...

He was wondering about that...he thought he would have just had to shuck it. I can't wait to tell him he would have to eat it too.

Sarah said...

Well yeah, you'd have to eat the corn. Can you imagine wiping with fresh corn? Smear city! You have to get the kernals out so there is some grabbing/wiping action on that cob.

Kady said...

He did try it without shucking. HAHAHAHAAHAAAAA

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