Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reasons For Not Going to Central America, By Hal Hexum

"Some guy is gonna grab you guys and want me to pay 500 bucks.  I ain't doin' it."

"Well you're goin' to Pina Colada.  I think that's why my urine isn't stopping.  It's all the stress of it."

"You're gonna get kidnapped and stuck on a spit like a pig."

"You'll end up in a moss-eaten grave in some cave-mountain."

"You ain't coming home."

After reading this post:  "Well, it's all true."


Ben said...

What about " If your lucky they'll bury you in a grave, they'll probably just leave ya under a palm tree."

Anonymous said...

I just want a cool story to tell people about how my cousin got murdered and left me all her worldly possessions. Think there's a chance of that happening??????? Love, labs

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't laugh. I have heard much of the same from my dad. It only gets more guilt ridden the closer to the day you leave.


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