Monday, July 18, 2011

Deer Season

My dad is bugging me about deer season this year. Am I sticking around for it, or what? I told him I don't think it's very sportsman-like to shoot deer after you hang them in trees.  Wakka wakka.

This photo was taken three feet out our front doorstep.

I'm thinking about it though.  I haven't been deer hunting for a long time.  I decided when I was 22 that I could afford to buy meat at the grocery store and so I wouldn't be hunting, thank you very much.  Well now I CAN'T afford to buy meat at the grocery store.  So, there you go.

My dad tells a story of a time that he was walking through the woods, hunting but also trying to drive a deer to walk past my brother.  He had a little bottle of doe pee with him, which he would drip a few drops onto his heel as he walked.  This would not only cover up his human scent, but attract bucks.  I think.  Don't ask me why he does what he does.  Click here to see what else attracts bucks. EW!!  Anyway, he scared up a deer in the path right in front of him.  It took him by surprise, but he whipped out his rifle, and to free up his hands, quickly put the little bottle of deer pee in his mouth.  Accidentally with the cap off, pointing in.  Of course when he pulled the trigger, he bit down.

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