Monday, July 25, 2011

Lake of the Woods

I got to go fishing on Lake of the Woods the other day with Jim Riley, who owns and operates Into the Wild Adventures.  He books fishing and hunting trips all over the world and has stamps in his passport that could rival even my own.  He is staying at the resort where I work for the summer, and offered to take us out in the boat.  For free!  I caught the biggest walleye that anyone has ever caught of my life.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  Not too hot, not too fact, I really didn't care that much about catching fish at all, lest it interrupt my fabulously relaxing day in the boat.

Ahhhhhhhhh...I almost forgot I'm a waitress.

Gentleman Jim changed out my jiggers, baited my hook, and netted my fish. He even looked the other way when I had to pee off the side of the boat.  I can't say the same for the neighboring launches, but I digress. 

Now you know I have a policy never to touch anything icky, and so of course I had never touched a fish in my life. But Jim got me to hold up my walleye for a few photos.  You can probably tell by my face that I was calm, easy, and relaxed freaking right out and hyperventilating, "it's looking at me! It's looking at me. It's LOOKING AT ME.  Is it going to poop on me?  I think it might poop on me!  How do I release it?  What do I do?  It's!  Oh my God.  Oh my God." And then when I had to throw it back into the lake I about died because I was SURE it was going to get caught on my hand and take me with it, then gather up all its friends to pierce MY lip for revenge.

What a beaut!  The fish, obviously.

Oh and Jim caught some fish too:

We won't discuss how big his fish was.

So anyway, if you're into hunting and fishing and the like, and maybe you have a hankering to go to Argentina or New Zealand or Africa for that matter, check out Jim's webpage.

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