Thursday, July 28, 2011

There is So Much Going On...

I haven't been posting every day, but folks, there is SO much going on up here in the north woods.  For example: (and this is straight out of The Northern Light, Lake of the Woods County's premier newspaper).

  • P.* and B.B. visited V. and V.F. Friday July 12th.  C.S. was their supper guest that evening.  Wednesday morning R.S. was a coffee guest.  July 15th V. stepped out of the house wondering what Keno the dog was watching.  There stood two huge timberwolves at the end of the driveway.  Keno went after them.  Luckily V. was able to get the dog to come back.
  • Little C.D. had a sleepover on Friday night with Grandpa and Grandma D.
  • After seeing my mother get out of the wheelchair at the Back Home Days program last Friday, I said she and L.N. could be on Dancing with the Stars.  Hollywood will be calling!  Mom is a hard act to follow.
  • A.S., the good Norwegian, has been baking blueberry pies in the hot/humid weather, getting ready for B.T.'s family coming from Alaska on July 25.
  • J. L. visited friends in the area while spending a week out by the lake in a niece's trailer home.  J. keeps busy making crafts.
  • Mom enjoys the mail and watching the Twins games with J.W. and visiting on the phone with family and friends.  Thank you for your prayers!
  • July 10th J.S. and J. went shopping in Bemidji.  They enjoyed eating crab legs at The Super Buffet before they came home.  R. stayed with E. while J. and J. were in Bemidji.  July 8th D. S. rode up from St. Cloud with R. and J. for a visit.  R. and J. are building a home over behind K. and V. P.'s.

It keeps going, folks.  With all this hub-bub, it's hard to get my regular tasks done, like blogging and napping.  But I'll see if I can't get a handle on it all.  Just for you.

*Names have been shortened to protect privacy.

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Kelly said...

I'm kinda offended. How many times have I visited and never made the newspaper

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