Monday, September 17, 2012

Airport Tax

Ross and I made it all the way to Camborne, Cornwall, England Saturday. We flew from Minneapolis to Reykjavik to London and then drove in a rental car out to Cornwall.

We are staying with our friend Brett and his salty dad, Luke.

...and of course I'm having technical difficulties. I bought an iPad so I wouldn't have to travel with my laptop but I'm having trouble uploading albums of photos to Facebook and uploading photos from my iPad to Blogger. If anybody wants to share with me how to do either of those I'm all ears.

Anyway, we're having lots of fun. Today we toured the entire County of Cornwall, and tomorrow we drive to visit another friend up near Leeds.  

Traditional airport goodbye photo
Below, you can see we visited Stonehenge but saw it from the cheap seats because we refused to pay to get in. Just one of many money saving tips. Another is: never wash your underwear. Just kidding.



Anonymous said...

Ross, grow a mustache now. you wont regret it, and we will all sleep better.

Kim said...

At least ROSS got a clear, unobstructed view of Stonehenge.

TILTE said...

Omg. I have that same Hello Kitty eye mask. Sometimes I wear it around the house when I want to look cool. But mostly it sits on my nightstand because I'm afraid the tiny pinhole eyeballs will accentuate my Andre-the-Giant head.

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