Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hal and Dianne

So I left Minneapolis. Again. I spent one night with my sister Kim and my niece Hanna (where we laughed and laughed over Hanna's dream journal) and then I drove all the way up to my parents' place in Roosevelt MN.

When I drove up the long driveway, here is what I saw:

...and suddenly everything was right with the world. I forgot that I'm leaving the country in 9 days and haven't really made any plans. I forgot that I am completely homeless and most of my worldly belongings are in my car. I forgot that I just left my job and won't have any income for at least six months.

After just 24 hours here, I've already:

Had a few Vodka Tonics
Took the four-wheeler with my dad out to see a toilet in a pond
Watched the Northern Lights dance across the night sky
Checked a deer carcass padlocked to a tree for signs of bear interference
Sighted and identified at least fourteen different roadkill species
Eaten at Perkins AND Red Lobster, because we:

Brought my mom to Grand Forks for surgery

She had to visit the lady doctor to have a little something removed from my old apartment her uterus. Anyway after the fact, here is a text she sent to my sister:

"I'm fine. Unfortunately your little sister did not make it."


Josette said...

Ah, say hi to them from us!

Chris said...

I'm looking forward to the blog about the toilet in the pond.

Anne said...

I am so home sick and this post made me a little teary eyed....

just for the record, this is prolly the first time in like 20 years that I've felt homesick for the falls... what the heck is wrong with me??

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