Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Wish Advance Planning Was More "My Thing"

Maybe we should have planned more in advance...?

Turns out you can't really get from Paris to Brussels to Amsterdam to Berlin to Warsaw to Krakow for $5 so we're changing plans a bit. Instead we'll take buses to Berlin and Krakow next weekend and skip all the other stuff. It's going to work out better though this way -- we'll have way more time in Croatia and Greece.

For the last two days Ross and I have been touring around London. We walked at least two to three hours each day and my legs and back are killing me. (Old lady.) We saw Big Ben, walked along the South Bank, went to the Tate Modern Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum (all free), and switched hostels to save £6.

Additional money saving tips: eat only the free hostel breakfast, bread from a loaf you bought at a grocery store a week ago with jam and butter nicked from free hostel breakfast, and a £2.30 sub sandwich at a train station. Do not take the train. Walk everywhere. In the rain. If you must drink alcohol, purchase only a shot of Malibu Rum to mix with the free hostel orange juice. This will set you back £2.50, but you won't care because you're kind of hungry. Only £4.80 spent in one day if you don't count the ridiculous price of £23 for a hostel bunk bed.

Must. Get. To. Eastern. Europe. Fast.

It's perfectly normal that alcohol would be more than 50% of the days spending, right?


Hobo Siren said...

I remember going into Slovakia for a couple hours--more for the stamp than anything--changing maybe $2 at the border, buying a giant beer and getting half the money back. Cheers to your future E. Europe drinking...

Chris said...

We had a similar budget when we Paris, except it only had to last 10 days). We didn't have a free continental breakfast at out hotel, so we got a 'cafe au lait' at a cafe. Then a pastry at La Patisserie for breakfast. We ate a large lunch in a cafe. (Lunch menu has same items cheaper) And dinner was from the supermarche (super market) or a street vender. We followed Bob Scholtes' advice: "If you think you'd like to eat it, DO it. You may not get back to Paris anytime soon." He was right and we missed a few things. Time to go back!

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