Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Digs

I'm sorry I haven't posted in four days. Sue me.

I've been busy taking new fancy lady important jobs in which people think I'm really "knowledgable" and my job title includes the words "Branch" and "Operations" and "Manager" and I should probably not say things like "Poop" or "Tampon" or "how do you spell..." (insert easily spelled commonly known word here).

I also moved into a new apartment. It's perfect and adorable and almost makes me forget that I own a really great house just three miles away that somebody else is living in until August of 2015.

The only problem is that I currently have no furniture. None. I'm sleeping on an air mattress (thank you, K and J, I owe you big) and watching movies with a friend you may know as 'Summer-isms' in the following fashion:

Yes that is wine that is not in wine glasses. The movie? Spiderman. With Emma Stone. Sue us.


Want a Summer-isms, do you? Here you go:
"I think it's kind of bold for a 17-year-old boy to call himself SpiderMAN, don't you?"



Kerry said...

Yes, but Spiderboy sounds terrible.

Chris said...

Chair didn't make it home?

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