Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remember That Time I Was in a Band?

I was once. For two whole months. It's kind of a cute little best friends story:

I was with Nancy and Beata at a house party of our early 20-something friends' house. Maybe we were all feeling a teensy bit old. Nancy was nowhere to be found and so B and I went searching and found her in the basement, in the sound-proof music studio playing the drums. She normally plays guitar but was having fun just messing around. B picked up the guitar. She sort of plays drums but whatever. I picked up the bass. I normally play guitar but whatever. We started messing around and by the end of the evening we had written three songs.

The joke was that we should call ourselves "Rome In A Day" because that's kinda what happened. But that didn't sound as cute as "Ramona Day" and there you go.

Summer's little brother Ben helped us record and produce our three songs before I left the country. Sadly, tragic circumstances led to the loss of two of our songs, but we did get one up on Sound Cloud. Not too shabby for three girls playing unfamiliar instruments and only a couple practices before laying it down, eh? 

Nancy on guitar
Beata on drums
Kady on bass and vocals

Nancy even made T-shirts. Here is our buddy Davey modeling:

I call for a Ramona Day reunion!


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