Monday, May 20, 2013

A Most Horrible Feeling

So this is Miyo. In the tub. Isn't she cute???

These photos were taken up at my sister Kim's several years ago. We were all partying in the kitchen and it was getting to be bedtime, so Uncle John filled the tub all the way up to the top and we added a gallon of bubbles and threw Miyo and Murphy in there. It was so fun and the kids loved it. 

It was my turn to sit on the toilet and watch them. But all of my sisters and my mom and dad were in the kitchen and I could hear their laughing and merrymaking. You know I hate to miss the party or the conversation. The kids in the tub were totally fine and happy and laughing.

I thought about leaving for "just a minute" to join the party in the kitchen. But then I decided I better not. So I kept on knitting and just craned my neck to hear the fun fun conversation that was happening without me. Probably I yelled my two cents from time to time.

And then! Miyo slipped and fell. Under the water. I had to jump up and reach both my hands in the tub and search around to find her. It was so scary! Even though she was three years old, she couldn't get her footing and stand up. I pulled her out of the bubbles and got her up on her feet. She was fine of course, but to this day when I think of that moment and the grown-up decision I made to stay in the bathroom, I get explosive diarrhea.  

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