Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mostar, Bosnia

Take a look at this great video about the Stari Most bridge in Mostar, Bosnia. It connects two sides of the town, historically Muslim on one side and Christian/Jewish on the other. It's such a great little town with such a sad, horrible history.


Flight of the Mostari from DGA Productions on Vimeo.


Ross and I visited Mostar last year.

View from the bridge. Mosques on one side, churches and synagogues on the other.
It's very exciting to see the jumpers. If you hang around long enough, somebody eventually does it. It should be mentioned that silly tourists try it all the time and a lot of people die. It is very dangerous. Our host used to jump but he and his brother quit some years ago when his brother cracked his nuts on the water and couldn't walk for a couple of weeks.
Speaking of nuts...
Ha ha!
A jumper!

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Sarah said...

"cracked his nuts" lol

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