Saturday, May 4, 2013

Selfish Selfies

My friend Teri got married last night. (yah, I know. Another travel buddy bites the dust. But I'm happy for her. I really am.)
Anyway, they had a first dance, and everybody crowded around the dance floor with their iPhones and cameras and somebody even had an iPad and they were snap-snap-snapping photos of the happy couple. I thought it would be wildly hysterical to go and stand next to the dance floor, hold up my iPhone and take photos, but not of them. Of myself. I turned the camera on me, and snapped away.
Savannah got confused, and then involved.
And then I really didn't get a very good picture of Teri and her new husband. Crap.


1 comment:

DB Stewart said...

If pics we take of ourselves are selfies, are pics we take of others unselfies?

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