Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fancy Lady Business Trip, Vol. 2

I've been in Green Bay, Wisconsin for the last week on a business trip. This week, I have:
  • Turned off the computer of the person I was training with my knee. While I was training them.
  • Left my hotel room key in the door overnight.
  • Left my car windows cracked at the way wrong end of the parking lot, only to wake up with a start at 5am to a torrential downpour.
  • Walked around a silent office with one squeaky shoe. *Squeak...squeak...squeak...
  • Dripped burger grease all over the front of my dress at lunch. Had to wash it with Dawn dish soap and spend the rest of the afternoon with a huge wet spot in my crotch.
  • Spent every evening holed up in my hotel room because I haven't had a television for three years and there's all kinds of channels up in here.
NOT TO MENTION I have been late every day because the darn Golden Girls is playing back-to-back in the mornings.

There has been a little time for some R-and-R, fortunately. I was able to visit the historic Lambeau Field and get myself some Packer-esque souvenirs (and supplies for the PreSeason game I'll be going to -- by myself -- on Friday):

Oh yes I'll be wearing that hat to the game.


Anonymous said...

Get out! The Golden Girls rock. They disappeared from the Hallmark channel a while ago, and now they're on TV Land. Hells yes!

Chris said...

I miss you!

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