Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Like Mills Fleet FUN!

My friends and I stopped at a Mills Fleet Farm on a recent girls' weekend trip, because, obviously. There was shopping to be done. I still needed some dark denim Wrangler farm girl jeans and some Cowboy boots. Because, obviously.

I tried on some other shoes, too:

I posted that picture on Facebook, because, obviously. Ten minutes later, I received a text from my little sister Kasey. She had apparently also just paid a visit to the old Fleet Farm:

Like a couple of freaking twins separated at birth who get reunited and show up to meet each other for the first time in the same freaking dress.


Sarah said...

Shut UP! You both just happened to take pics of yourselves trying on the same ridiculous boots at the same FARM STORE??? In the same DRESS??? Totally weird.

Kerry said...

Great minds. Obviously. But hey, did you get COWBOY BOOTS?

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