Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hal-isms, Vol. 41

"I can't take jokes that don't make any sense and are prerogative and racist."

"I live in a world where there are Tawny Harshas stuffing animals. Not where you take a picture and put it on the Eiffel Tower. Is that so wrong? I guess you'd call it a dream world."

"I'll just hold on to my memories."

"You and I could buy a $10 bill for five dollars. And when we go to sell it it'd be three dollars."

"Oh. You 'love' me. Thats great. I'll put that right in the bank. And when the Doctor asks me how I'm doing, I'll tell him my daughter 'loves' me."

Deer in headlights. Now you know how THEY feel, Dad.

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