Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cold Weather Testing

Last winter I stayed for a couple of weeks up at my parents' place. It was cold. But it was wonderful. By cold I mean colder than you can even imagine. -29 degrees before windchill.

The kind of weather where you can film your brother throwing boiling water into the air and it disappears into steam before it hits the ground: 

Anyway, for the 2 weeks I was there, I stupidly forgot to go out and start my brand new three-month-old car from time-to-time just to keep it from freezing, and so it totally froze and wouldn't start when I tried to go home.

We had to make a tarp tent and blow the neighbor's flame throwing heater on my engine for 30 minutes and then finally it started. 

IRONICALLY, Acura does it's cold weather testing up in Baudette Minnesota, 30 minutes from my parents' house. They send all their brand new vehicles up there to test how they'll do in cold weather and on ice, etc.

I thought it would be funny to write them and tell them about my frozen car.

And then I never did.

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