Thursday, September 4, 2014


My mom's dog (my brother) Rowdy is pretty cute. I'm not really all that into dogs but I love him, the little turd.

Get this: he's a Havanese-Poodle mix, or HAVAPOO. haha

Anyway, my mom had to go get a root canal today. I'm working during my visit here so she had to drive herself to the appointment. Look at Rowdy as she walks to the garage:

And here he'll sit until he hears her car pull into the driveway, when he will go tearing across the room, wrinkling up every rug as he runs, runs to the door for me to open it. When I open it, he'll go bounding across the yard and run circles around her until she gets into the house, and then he'll chew on his plastic toy for about 20 minutes because of the stress of it all.

I wonder if anybody'll ever love me like that?

1 comment:

Chris said...

Only dogs love like that.

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