Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shash-age Links

Haha. So. True. "Imagine lying on your back and watching fireworks by yourself. Or catching a firefly with no one to show it to. Wouldn't you much rather just cease to exist in one quick, brutal instant?"

8 reasons why cheese is better than a boyfriend, though either is better than living in a storm drain.  "But man, goat cheese!" 

What it's like going to my parents' place.

I really can't stand these Buzzfeed-esque sites with ridiculously boring and poorly written captions, but I'll admit these photos of a dad and his daughter are pretty imaginative. Best to go straight to his site, honestly. Here's another cute one.

Fascinating article about a guy who lived in the woods for twenty-seven years without ever talking to another single soul, or even lighting a fire in twenty-below-zero temperatures. He stole food and clothing to survive.

Congrats to my very good friends!


Chris said...

The guy with his little girl is very "Norman Rockwell-esque"

Unknown said...

Loved the going to my parents place article. After that night he went off in to the woods to not speak to a single living soul for 27 years. That's how good of a night it was at his parents...

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