Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Movie Making Rules

To see the post about making a movie, click here

Here is the rule sheet we received when we were given the movie-making assignment:


Dear friends,

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (NOTE: you have to accept it) is to plan, act, and film a short video with your teammates given only the next 2.5 hours.



In order to complete your assignment, your team will receive the following:

- your adoring team of 7-8 peeps
- one video camera
- one Random Prop. You MUST use the prop in the video.
- $20, to be spent on props at any of the local stores (Ax-Man, Wal-Mart, Dollar-Store)
- a change of clothes (you did bring one, right?)
- a mix CD of thematic music

We grant you complete and total artistic freedom (within the confines of the following draconian rules):

1.) You may not spend more than $20 on props — keep your receipts!
2.) The Random Prop must appear at least once in the video
3.) Every team member has to appear in front of the camera at least once
4.) At least 3 people have to do a dressing change at some point in the video (kudos to those of you who all do a dressing change! Come on, gasoline station bathrooms are not that gross....)
5.) Video must be a minimum of 10 minutes long
6.) You must deliver your video within the next 2.5 hours to complete this assignment (yes, we have stop watches...and yes there will be penalties for not finishing on time)
7.) &&&&&& you must incorporate the following “Quote o’ Fun” into your production:

“When you told me a catfish has more than 27,000 taste buds -- was that a lie too??”

YOU WILL BE JUDGED on the following criteria (no pressure!):

Creativity * Following Directions * Timing * Participation * Best use of provided quote * Best use of clothing * Best use of prop * Repetition for Emphasis * Appropriate … Pausing * Repetition for Emphasis

ICING ON THE CAKE There may or may not be a prettttteeeeey sweeet prize for the winner.*

*Prize will not contain icing or cake.

Ashlandic Productions, Inc.

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