Tuesday, November 4, 2008

South Africa wildlife

I'm so glad this happened after I got home. This thing was caught near Jo'burg. I think it's a vampire rat. Thanks for the nightmares, Beata!

ICK EW gross!

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Anonymous said...

if you'll notice, please, the way the man is holding the rodentia maximoris biteuis, it is not a record size. he is EXTENDING this bloated specimen in a FISHERMAN LIKE POSE. That is to say, trick fur-tography. ba dump chhhhhhhh. Rat fighting is commonly bet on in S.A. I bet on "Ratonda" the rat that fought this rat back in 89' I won five "conchiilas". Which is equal to five grand U.S. Was a gorgeous fight.. Rat is good eating too. numby.

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