Monday, February 9, 2009

Bonfire on the Beach

I'll start my San Diego post with one of my favorite moments. Sarah Basset was gracious enough to arrange a bonfire on the beach for Nancy, Andrea, Keri and me. We went to the grocery store and got salami, blackberries, cheese, bread, olives, pistashios, and WINE, which is completely illegal on the beach in California. We chose to ignore that ridiculous rule and filled up some coffee mugs with wine. Here are a few photos of Sarah and I building our amazing bonfire: (I was a little nervous for a minute there, it was SO windy, I didn't think it was going to start.) Notice the "wind break" I built with the logs on the side. ha!

And here is the difference between a California girl and a Minnesota girl. In 65 degree weather, we see the Minnesota girl (on the left) is wearing flip flops, a short sleeved shirt and a light jacket. The California girl (on the right) is wearing Ugg boots, a scarf, sweater and hoodie:

Every once in a while, just in case anybody was listening, we would say things like, "good coffee" or "ooh, hot". And pretend it was burning our tongues.

Such a fun wonderful amazing night.


kasey said...

FUN! I'm jealous, but not as jealous as I would be if there were dirty martini's in those mu

Andrea Schweikert said...

Oh lordy, Dirty Martini coffee. Why didn't we think of that!
Amazing! It was checked off the list of things to do in my life.
One of many great memories from S Diego. (We're on a nickname basis)

anna said...

Looks so cozy! Can you just cut and paste my face on there too? Would make me feel better :)

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