Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So we rented a car in San Diego. I have never been the "driver" on a trip before. I got to be the driver! Such responsibility!!

Fortunately we were staying right in the thick of San Diego and it was just exits away from everything! The night we arrived, we got our car, went to the hotel and then texted Sarah. We ended up going to Jack's in La Jolla. It was so nice! Drinks, amazing food, and a fire pit at our table! Look at this thing:

And there was a live Flamenco-style band, and they were awesome. Keri and I shared Opakapaka fish over broccoli puree with Truffle-oil mashed potatoes. First we had a spinach salad. All amazing. Topped off with Chocolate cake. There was a waterfall in our table. All stuff I did NOT get pictures of. sarah met up with us and then we went for drinks a few doors down. Check out the table with the fire right in the middle! Minnesota needs to figure this out. We'd have a few more months of eating outside for sure:

In addition to the 'fire tables' they had big huge warmers by every table too. What fun!

And just look at Sarah's cute hair!!


Andrea Schweikert said...

Thanks for drivin' Kady! That was an awesome night.

nance said...

I feel outnumbered by blondes.

Anonymous said...

Thats why you were so special Nancy, you were the one dark exotic!

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