Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Danger is my middle name

I just walked home at 1:30am from Ali's new house.

Dear Mom and Dad: I didn't die. The Perps didn't get a chance cuz it's only 5 blocks.

PLUS, and this is my motto: "It's too cold for crime!" (right Anna?)


anna said...

too cold huh, is that how my car gets broken into twice last cold fridgid winter? :)

kasey said...

Here's a tip on not getting your vehicle broken into: drive a piece of crap... like my minivan perhaps, or Ben's Toyota with the driver's door that has no handle to open the door with.

nance said...

The coldest night of last year. or the one before that.
Didn't Aaron and Marlas' car get broken into at the Fugiya party?
Kady you live in a big crazy city. would you knock that noise off. walkin in the night shesh!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

YAH and they had to drive all the way to HUTCH with a plastic bag on the window?

I FORCED them to spend the night and it was very fun. Breakfast...mmmm

Anonymous said...

Kady, are you trying to kill me with worry!

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