Monday, February 2, 2009

Highland Bank

A little known fact about the building that I work in:

There is a hair-restoration place on 5th floor. Urban legend has it that there is a private entrance for local celebrities to get their hair plugs put in incognito. I work on the 4th floor. Frequently I see men in the elevator, coming down from 5th floor in baseball caps. I try not to make eye contact, because I'm sure it's a sensitive deal. Kind of like when I used to go to my therapy sessions for my MENTAL HEALTH and I didn't want anybody looking at me in the elevator. So, as you can see I am a very compassionate individual.

WELL, today there was a dude who got off on 4th floor, as I was getting into the elevator. He walked around a bit and looked confused and so I asked him if he was looking for Advisors Mortgage. He said no, he was looking to leave the building. So I laughed and explained that we have the slowest elevator in the world and though he may have thought he just went down four floors and was on "one", he had actually only gone down one floor and was now on "four". He played along and laughed with me and then nervously said, "I JUST GOT AN EYEBROW PUT ON". So I looked right at his eyebrow and there was a huge scar so I say, "OH NO, DID YOU HURT YOURSELF?" And then he says, "NO IT'S A CHILDHOOD THING." And then I say, "WELL IT LOOKS REALLY NICE."

I wish I could type the sound of nervous laughter on both our parts.

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