Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bartender for the Kiddies. They love me!

At the lodge, one of our more popular drinks is called a "Long Island Tea" and contains the following:
1 shot Gin
1 shot Vodka
1 shot Rum
1 shot Triple Sec
Fill rest of glass with coke and add a splash of orange juice. 
Garnish with lemon.
Some bars prepare them with an additional shot of tequila, but I don't prefer the taste so I just stick with the above recipe.  If you haven't had one, they're quite amazing and actually go down very smoothly.  They almost taste like iced tea, thus the name.

We also have a virgin drink called a "Shirley Temple", aka "Kiddie Cocktail".  I make them by holding my soda sprayer over the glass and pouring both Sprite and Sour into the cup, adding a splash of orange juice and grenadine, then garnishing with two cherries.

And let me tell you the kids LOVE 'EM.  I convince most kids to at least try a Shirley Temple.

Well, the other day I was bartending and in a very big hurry.  I got an order in from the dining room for a bunch of cocktails and a Shirley Temple.  I'm sure you can tell where I'm going with this.  Absentmindedly pouring...I was almost done filling the glass with coke before I realized I had been preparing a Long Island Tea for the poor kid. 

"Hows about four shots of alcohol, kiddo?" 

A couple of our regulars, Karen and Norbert, were there when I made the realization.  So, for the rest of their stay, when I asked what I could get for them, they would say, "Two Kiddie Cocktails, please."

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