Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Raining Men!


I've never felt so very attractive and wanted!  At the Lodge, to date, I have had five offers for dinner and four marriage proposals.  All of the men are over 50, all but one were very drunk, and here are the propective dinner locations:

Chocolate Moose (International Falls-style Perkins)
Thunderbird Lodge (classy joint)  So far this guy is in the lead.  Obviously.

(Not an actual photo.  But not too far off.)

Here is the International Falls fishing Lodge mating ritual, as far as I can tell:
Drunk guy sees I am not wearing a wedding ring.
Drunk guy figures he is single (maybe.)
Drunk guy finds us to be immediately compatible.  (= both single).
Drunk guy asks me out.
To Subway, for a sandwich.

*The Hardee's guy (60-something...) asked if I want to "hook up".  Horrified, yet skeptical, I asked him what exactly "hook up" meant.  He said, "you know, go to Hardee's for a coffee."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, coffee with a roofie in it and then you hook up. Love, Jacqui

Anonymous said...

Would that be a Ruficcino?

Laffylady said...

Mmmmm...not my kind of hookup....I guess with him there is no good kind..Hey Thanks for stopping by LOL..If you would like to submit something funny let me know at a great day..!

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