Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live Blogging the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

7:37PM Hated the intro.  Stupid.
7:40PM "I just saw Marky Mark" comment from James Franco's grandma: classic.
7:41PM Alice in Wonderland for Art Direction!  "Why didn't I lose that 20 pounds?"
7:47PM Cinemetography award goes to Inception!  Well deserved.
7:49PM I highly doubt anybody really cares about Britney Spears' important announcement tomorrow.
7:52PM Kirk Douglas is 94!  He doesn't look a day over 107.
7:53PM BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS????  I predicted Amy Adams, but then changed it to Melissa Leo...because she won the Golden Globe.  And she won the Oscar!  Then she acted like she couldn't believe it, which I hate.  She just dropped the F-bomb!  Whoa.  And then she acted like a crazy person.  And then made fun of the old man Kirk Douglas by stealing his cane and pretending to walk with it!  Classic.  Crazy person, I tell ya.  Crazy person.
8:00PM James Franco seems like he's totally stoned.
8:02PM Mila Kunis' boobs look SO good.  What a pretty dress.  Am I right?

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8:03PM I love Justin Timberlake!
8:04PM Short film went to...I can't remember, I was busy typing.
8:05PM Toy Story 3 is totally going to win.  I called that.
8:13PM Adapted Screenplay...James Brolin's white coat is way too tight.  Was that a joke Aaron Sorkin?
8:16PM Original Screenplay...King's Speech.  David Seidler.  Loved that movie.  "Late bloomer" joke - amazing.  First 'near tears' moment: David dedicating the award to the stutterers of the world.
8:23PM LOVING this song Anne Hathaway is singing about Hugh Jackman.  James Franco as Marilyn Monroe?  Not funny.
8:26PM Russell Brand is hilarious.  Best Foreign Film Oscar goes to sweaty armpit lady.  Susanne Bier.  Forever remembered by billions of people with wet armpits.  At first it was a shadow.  BUT NO.  It didn't move with the lights, like shadows do.  Because it was a wet spot.  And then one on the other side.
8:31PM Supporting actor.  Christian Bale.  He got the Golden Globe.  And the Oscar.  Again I'm surprised by this British accent.  It's his job right now to make himself likeable.  I think he did OK, especially with the plugging of that guy's website and then tearing up when thanking his wife.  (Although it kind of looked like he forgot her name!)  Kudos, Christian Bale, you almost made me forget that you threw that phone at that guy.  Second 'near tears' moment of the night.
8:42PM Best Original Score - I predict Inception...but Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails got it!  WOW, Trent Reznor is so poised and professional!  I can hardly recognize him.
8:46PM Scarlett Johannson's hair is amazing.  Best Sound Recording...goes to...Inception.  Well deserved.  This woman Lora Hirschberg is a good example of why you need a good bra people.  Who is styling this lady for the Oscars, for real?  Eeks.
8:49PM Sound Editing. BO-RING...Goes to Inception.  Well deserved, and whatnot.  Again. Scarlett Johannson looks freaking amazing, and whatever for the Oscar going to Sound man what's-his-face.
8:54PM I just LOVE Marissa Tomei.  But this part of the Oscars always bores the CRAP out of me.  BORING.  "Congratulations, nerds."  haha funny James Franco brought it back around.
8:56PM OMG I love Cate Blanchett.  Her dress is so good.  "that's gross", to the wolfman stuff. haha.  Love you Cate Blanchett.  LOVE YOU.
8:57PM Wolfman white ponytail.  NERD.  NERD NERD NERD. 
8:59PM Costume design.  Alice in Wonderland.  NO NO NO to the see-through gloves on this one lady.  You're a fantastic costume designer.  But the see-through gloves?  Bad bad idea.  And you totally phoned in your acceptance speech.  It's OK to read the speech, but Wikipedia-ing info about Alice in Wonderland and then reading it off?  BORING.
9:02PM Randy Newman is amazing.  YES but I can't hear you.  Turn up the vocals. 
9:05PM Mandy Moore and the guy from Chuck singing a song?  I didn't know they sang.  haha Her dress is really BIG.
9:13PM I should really watch short films.  These look so good.  And poignant.  Luke Metheny.  "I shoulda got a haircut!"  Classic.  His mom did craft services for the film.  Awesome.  Sasha Gordon, you're a lucky girl.
9:19PM LOVED the made up musical part with making songs from Toy Story and Harry Potter and Twilight and The Social Network.
9:21PM Banksy didn't win Best Documentary.  I don't even know if he showed.
9:23PM Film effects.  Boring.  I don't even know who won.  But Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. are pretty good lookin'.  Including the white ties.
9:36PM The Social Network won another one. Yay good for them.
9:42PM Florence and the Machine lady looks and sounds great.  Love the golden microphone.
9:47PM I have a feeling Jennifer Hudson's boobs would look very pancake-y, flap-jacky, if you will, if she were to be naked.  But she looks great! 

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9:49PM Randy Newman is so cute.  Glad he won now for the 2nd time only after 20 nominations.
9:55PM Halle Barry
10:01PM Hilary Swank has awesome arm muscles.  Her dress is really pretty.  King's Speech wins best Director!  Touching story about how his mom recommended this play for him to direct.
10:14PM Best actress - oh it just has to be Natalie Portman. And it is!!! No more "near tears" moment. I actually for reals cried when she thanked her fiance for giving her the best role ever (in her tummy. the BABY! so touching.)
10:23PM Colin Firth is totally gonna win.  Mark Darcy you are so sexy.  "My career's just peaked."  I'm so glad I watched the King's Speech last night.  What a good movie.  Watch it now.
10:33PM All the nominees for Best Picture were SO GOOD.  But...I think the King's Speech is gonna win it.  Because usually Best Director and Best Picture go together.  And it won the Golden Globe.  YAY!!! It won! 
10:42PM Love the little kids and the song. 

This is why I always win the Oscar Pool SUCKAS.  Cuz I'm good.  I'm that good.  And a little obsessed.


Dan said...

Well, I didn't see it, but I can offer observations on the important items. I agree with everything you said about Mila Kunis, but I'm not convinced about Jennifer Hudson. I'd need more evidence.

Amonylous man said...

go get em tigress!

Sunny said...

Thumbs up!

ashley said...

Awesome, Kady. I missed the beginning so this was helpful-ish.

Saw this article and thought of you! I think you should totally add "be a seat-filler for the Oscars" to your life to-do list.:

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