Monday, March 7, 2011

"Digale el Mundo mi Historia!"

("Tell the World My Story!")  My favorite catch phrase of the Granada 6.  Dustin would shout it over his shoulder anytime he was about to do something dangerous.  Like ride off on this crazy 125cc hog with nothing but an ill-fitting quasi-helmet protecting his brain.

Also he would say, "hey guys check this out, it's gonna be awesome" a lot and we'd stop what we were doing and  look and see something not awesome like this.

And my favorite inside joke of the week was the fact that poor Ted just couldn't get the currency of Nicaragua straight in his mind. They are called cordobas. Accent on the first syllable. COR-do-bas. He kept calling them cor-BAHT-ohs. So anytime the situation called for a fake-money joke, we kept offering to pay him in cor-BAHT-ohs.

Here's poor Ted after the hammock broke from three feet in the air.


Sarah said...

Those boys are pretty cute.

Kady said...

Why Sarah, what are you implying?

Too bad I didn't realize that before I farted in front of them, and later used a hostel kitchen utensil to extract three large blackheads from one of their ears. To protect Dustin's privacy, I won't reveal which one of the boys had the blackheads.

Kelly said...

Go Kady! Go Kady!

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