Thursday, March 10, 2011

OK, 'Cast Iron Stomach', Show me Whatcha Got.

When I was growing up in International Falls MN, we always had leftovers for Sunday lunch. Mom and dad and Kasey and I would just pull out whatever leftovers were in tupperware in the fridge and eat a weird amalgamation of the lot for lunch. But here's the gross part:  I remember pulling out the same container of leftovers week after week.  And eating them.  As a result I think I have a Cast Iron stomach.

I must admit that lately in life I kind of get grossed out after about 8 days.  I will go 7, and maybe 8, but after that...  HaHA.  Good luck finding any food in my fridge that old.  I'm good at not wasting food.


Tonight I microwaved up some leftover chicken I thought Nicole cooked while I was in San Jose.  I was eating it and she was like, "P.U.! Are you eating an egg?"  And I said, "an adult egg."  and we laughed. 

Later Katie was like, "when did you cook chicken?"  and I said, "I didn't, I just microwaved that stuff in the fridge up."

And then she told me that the leftover chicken I ate was from before we left for Nicaragua on February 28.  And that in fact, it was several days old when we left for Nicaragua.  So it was basically at least two weeks old.  EW.


Kim said...

This story has been told many times, but it's due for another airing. John has boasted many, many times over the years that he also can eat anything without getting sick. He's always credited it to being Polish. Here's the funny part. It was only a couple years ago that Hanna (our daughter, Kady's niece) realized that she's Polish because her Grandpa's parents came from Poland, not because she can eat anything without getting sick.

Kady said...

haaaahHHHAAAAAA Hanna that's silly

Hanna said...

Only a couple years ago? Mom, I think it was about ten years ago. And it wasn't a misunderstanding between Dad and me, it was an outright lie on his part to deliberately fool me.

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