Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ode to Kerrie Louise

Josette wanted to visit both Brandi and me in Central America, so we all agreed that she would fly into Managua, and I would take a bus up from Costa Rica and meet her there.  Together we went up to Leon to visit Brandi.  Kerrie, our mutual friend from Minneapolis couldn't make it, but sent a little gift for the three of us, along with a card with a photo of three ladies from the 40's in jail with their booze.  It said, "The trouble with trouble is it starts out fun".  So Cute.

Here we are, about to open the present:

I had no idea what it would be, but it ended up being the BEST. GIFT. EVER.  Leather passport holders!  Adorable functional, creamy leather passport holders!  Mine had "ALRN" sewn into it, for "A Lady Reveals Nothing".  Isn't that so so so so so so awesome!!??!!!??  And Josette and Brandi got neat-o designs on theirs too!

I gave my stupid old passport holder to Grady, who actually didn't think it was stupid or old. 

Here's a close-up:

If you're interested in purchasing an adorably awesome passport holder for yourself or the traveler in your life, send me an email at and I'll put you in contact with Kerrie!!


Josette said...

On my way back through customs in Atlanta, the stylish young guy checking my passport held it up with an incredulous look and said, "did you make this?"

I said "No, but my friend did." He said "Wow it's awesome. I've just never seen anything like it."

And he's probably seen every type of passport holder under the sun!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

what an endorsement!!!

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