Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Give Directions in Costa Rica

There are no street names in most of Costa Rica, so giving directions is complicated.  Check out this text that Katie got from somebody today.  (She's going to his place so he can repair her iPhone.)

"es:zapote, barrio cordoba de la estacion de gasolina la pista (es la gasolinera donde solo atienden muchachas) 25 mts S, 100 mts O y 15 mts S, casa 3360 color melon de 2 plantas, en la cochera hay un pickup negro y una moto negra, saludos"

Which means, roughly:

"Zapote. Cordoba neighborhood.  The gas station (it's the gas station where there are only women attendants), 25 meters South, 100 meters East and 15 meters South, House # 3360, the color melon with 2 plants.  In the driveway there is a black pickup and a black motorcycle.  Bye."

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