Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Only 16 Days Left in Central America

My God, how fast the last 5 months have gone!  Zip lines!  Canyons!  Dengue Fever!  Beaches!  Pools!  Movie stars! 

And yet I've overstayed my welcome here in Central America, so it's almost time once again to move on.

A brief synopsis of my itinerary for the next few months:
March 17 - take a series of buses to Granada Nicaragua to meet fabulous friend Josette from Minneapolis
March 25 - take an 8-hour bus from Granada to San Jose Costa Rica for a flight to Brazil
March 26 - bend down and kiss American soil ever so briefly on the layover in Miami
April 18 - take a bus through Uruguay to Argentina
May 7 - fly from Buenos Aires Argentina to Cuzco Peru
May 11 - hike the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu
May 16 - take a bus to Bolivia
May 24 - fly home to Minneapolis
May 27 - head up to the 'rents homestead in sunny Roosevelt, MN for the best. summer. ever.

So I've never been to Brazil, but I hear very good things about Florianopolis, the town where I will be staying.  I'm sure I will wax poetic about things I'll miss in Central America at some point.  For now, though, I will say that if there are no men peeing everywhere or chickens running about, it may just not feel right.

A familiar sight
p.s. they really DO cross the road to get to the other side


Sarah said...

Machu Picchu: Jealous! I wish I could see that but I think I am probably inclined to get pulminary or cerebral edema at high altitude. And the fact that I even know what those things are would make sure I would get them. Take lots of pictures! And don't fall.

Hanna said...

do the chickens belong to people or can you kidnap a teeny little baby chick to keep as a pet?

Kady said...

"Poor Sarah, she died of hypochondria"

Hanna -- ew I don't think I could touch one. too many sharp points.

Kelly said...

I'll see you in Roosevelt, Memorial Weekend. But your list is missing stop in Toledo.

Anonymous said...

You might have to pay for my ticket at this point

Anonymous said...

Signed anonymous.

Anonymous said...

you forgot may 28th......bring me my malibu rum chocolate bars!!!!!!!

Hanna said...

You're afraid of baby chicks?

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