Monday, April 9, 2012

Bumbling Idiot

Thursday's embarrassing moments:


When I was walking into the office, I was having an out-loud conversation with someone I need to confront, only they weren't there.  I was practicing.  Some people call this "talking to yourself".

Anyway, I looked up and a man was right in front of me, and so I blurted out, "HEH HEH.  I WAS TALKING TO MYSELF!" and then I laughed maniacally.  I didn't look back to see his response.


I walked to get lunch with an old friend and as I crossed the six lanes of traffic at the stop light a man was coming the other way.  I thought it would be really cool if two strangers just high-fived eachother without a word as they crossed the street, so I lifted up my hand but he didn't return the favor.  Without looking at him, and right as we walked by eachother I screamed, "DON'T EVEN LEAVE ME HANG-IIIIIING!"  And then I laughed maniacally.  Tons of people in cars waiting for the light witnessed the whole thing.  I didn't look back to see his response.

What?  I'm socially normal.


Sarah said...

It would have been awesome if that guy did high five you. Totally epic. I can't tell you how much I'd love to see that from my car. That guy screwed it up. I bet he's kicking himself. The other one, so what? I do that all the time but if I get caught I say, "well?" like I was talking to that person the whole time and they were rudely ignoring me. When they say "what?" I say, "Never mind."

Mom said...

I think fame is getting to your head. Spare us, already.

nova said...

He left you hanging? What a dick. I high five people basically any time they hold their hand up, like even if they're hailing a taxi or anything because it's that awesome.

Jenny said...

I've totally been the jerk who left a stranger hangin' while passing on the street! But it was really due to slow reaction time and an expectation that someone they WANT to interact with is right behind me...'cause I've also totally been the jerk that responded to what was meant for the person directly behind me. Either way it's awkward.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

haha Sarah and Mom --

Nova, thank you. From all of us awkward extroverts.

Jenny, you make some very good points. I'm convinced that if I gave people more than just a nanosecond sometimes, they would get my jokes.

Kerry said...

There's a lot of high fivin' at middle schools. You would fit right in! If somebody ignored you & you felt like a dork it would be ok b/c everybody (EVERYBODY) there feels like a dork.

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