Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunday Favorites? On a Wednesday????? ...A Day at the Farm

Today is the 4th of July, 2012. I'm back at the farm, wrastlin' up cattle. I decided to repost the story from last year.

From 7/3/2011:

My dad and I went to a friend's farm to participate in a hundred-year-old tradition of getting the calves innoculated and tagged and other necessary torture tactics (castration).  It was such a fun experience to be a cowgirl for the day.  My dad looks super handsome in his cowboy hat, no?

My first calf.  Liza took it down and I had to help hold it down.


There's some good-lookin' dudes on this ranch.

My partner and me.

I took this one down...I kind of had to roll it on top of myself and then get out from underneath it.

This is Ted.  You might remember him from the Granada 6.  We both lived in Costa Rica at the same time.  Turns out he has been helping with these calves for years.

Full of crap.  Literally.

Facing I am fileting a "Rocky Mountain Oyster"

EW!  Erica was screaming: "it's dripping! it's dripping!"

Afterward, we went for a ride through the pasture to check on the calves and make sure they were doing OK.

Minnesota...I love ya.

Bringing the burro in the house to see grandma is an old tradition.  She fed him some Cheetos.

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