Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Am I Going to Jail?

I once said an incredibly inappropriate thing to a young Jeffrey Dahmer-type kid who I witnessed trying to flip a chipmunk around by its tail:

"HEY! Don't do that! How would you like it if I grabbed you by your tail and flipped you around? Where's your tail? Oh. It's in the front."

*I don't think he heard that last bit...he started running away when I started yelling at him.*

Which reminds me of a story.  And by story I mean another adorable video from our 2010 trip up north for Girls' Fishing Weekend.  Check this one for images of my mom and dad and our old house in International Falls.  *tear*

Once again, filmed and edited by the completely brilliant Shash.

Girl's Weekend in I-Falls from marble fawn on Vimeo.

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