Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shash-age Links


Do you have a friend who's always in the know?

The kind of girl you call when you spill on your laptop keyboard, because you know she'll know what to do? The kind of girl who actually catches fish on a Girls' Fishing weekend?


For me, this friend is Ashley. I call her -- affectionately -- Shash.

Well I asked The ol' McShash to do a link roundup for A Lady Reveals Nothing because man, she is good at this stuff! She's the one who clued me into She's the one who introduced me to And she's the one who makes the Best. Mixed. Tapes. Ever.

So y'all. Check out these amazing links. Straight from the Shash:


Do you know where the term “cup of joe” came from? I didn’t either. This comic explains 15 amazing facts about coffee.

Get your cheaper, BETTER grade B maple syrup while you can! Grade B isn’t inferior syrup, it just tastes more like maple. But soon, the maple syrup grading system is going to change.

If you live in the Midwest, you remember how horrible last winter was. It’s the end of December and we have hardly any snow, but they’re still predicting a re-run of last year. Hold onto your butts....

You probably don’t have 36 minutes to watch this lecture by illustrator Kate Bingman Burt, but you should definitely visit Kate’s website and take a look at her daily purchase drawings. Makes you think about your own consumption.

Doughnuts are the new cupcakes in the Twin Cities. Heavy Table, a Twin Cities based online food & drink magazine that focuses on the cuisine of the upper Midwest, made a handy flow chart to help you figure out where you should get your sugar fix!

I have a cat, Data. He’s super awesome. Now all I need is the baby and I don’t even have to take care of it. Data can handle raising it. Cat Soothes Crying Baby Back To Sleep

I’ve always loved staring at maps. I could stare at this illustration forever: U.S. Routes as a Subway Map

Most of us take more photos with our phones than with “real” cameras these days, and everyone’s bad at getting prints made. I love the concept behind the new iOS & Android camera/photo printing app, Dotti. It acts like a disposable camera. When you’re done with the “roll” of 12 exposures they will print and send your photos right to your door!

I recently went to a Bon Iver  concert with my husband and some friends. They were phenomenal, of course, but I really loved the opener too. Watch the take away show La Blogotheque did with Lianne La Havas. [BONUS: She’s walking through the streets of Paris, when it was warm out. Remember when it used to be summertime?]


Anonymous said...

that sitting down chart is so funny!
but scary too...

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I know, right? Terrifying. I also loved the Dotti app.

*She typed, while sitting.

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