Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ice Fishin'

Finally home in northern, Northern Minnesota.  The part of Minnesota where people's conversations revolve mainly around (depending on the time of year) the harvest, fishing, deer hunting, snow and ice conditions.  

In an effort to secure my place as Favorite Daughter, I agreed to go ice fishing with my dad.  Cold doesn't begin to describe it.  Hopefully my photos capture that.

Eat your heart out, Kelly.

Lake of the Woods on the horizon.

Watch and wait.  I should have brought my ice skates, for how perfectly smooth the ice was.

Yah, that's a bucket of fish I'm sitting on.


DB Stewart said...

In case your dad didn't say it, you're a good daughter.

Kelly said...

One ice fishing trip does not a favorite daughter make. This daughter went on numerous of those, along with numerous bear baiting trips, numerous trapping trips, and numerous coon hunting trips. All because no one else wanted to go and she didn't want her daddy to be alone and sad.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

DBS. He would never say it. But I know it. Kelly. Shut up.

Kelly said...

Alright. But I'll give you this. You too look adorable and I know you had a wonderful time.

Hanna said...

Cold? HA! As a real Northern Minnesotan who regularly spends countless hours discussing weather conditions I can tell you it was not that cold. Grandpa wasn't even wearing bibs. You've spent too much time down south.

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