Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year In Review -- 2011

Everybody's doing their "2011 Year in Review" and I almost forgot I do that too!

What a year!  I spent the first half of it traveling through Central and South America and the second half of it working.  My 2011 by the numbers:
11 countries.
18 states.
3 jobs.
302 blog posts.

Here are some highlights from my 34th year:

I spent January through March on the beach in Costa Rica, suffering through Anna Karenina.

While I was there I bought a "car".

...and hung upside down over a canyon and...

...discovered the Human Pyramid.

Then I got a visit from a Bestie, and we jumped in a crater lake in Nicaragua.

And then I went fishin' in Brazil and...

...saw the Iguazu Falls.

Then I went to Peru!!  Where I...

...hiked the Inca Trail with my Motley Crew.  Here we are at the highest point along the Trail...

...made it!  We totally walked to Machu Picchu.

Caught (and released) the biggest fish of my life.  Minnesota.

Got to live with this lovely lady.  Louisiana / Michigan / Arizona.

Got a boyfriend.  (In his late seventies, but hey).  New Orleans.

Lived around the corner from Brad and Angelina!  (There they are, to the left of that pink house with green shutters.  This photo was taken from our bathroom.)  According to my binoculars, they were never there.  New Orleans.

I became a water meter Installer.  Kind of.  Michigan.

Finally saw the Grand Canyon.  Arizona.

My hair grew back!

My parents got me a new brother,  "Rowdy".  Minnesota.

Went Ice Fishing!

Drum roll favorite post of 2011.  What was yours?  Please let me know in the comments.

UPDATE: A Link to Davin and Kelly's favorite post (see comments), and my most-commented post EVER: Surprise for Kelly.


Anonymous said...

That limey green vest the job "made" you wear while in Arizona..strangely looks exactly the same as the vest you have on in the picture of you riding your "car" you purchased in Costa Rica. Hmm..I believe the vest may be a staple in your wardrobe that you do not leave home without. We shall see if it shows up in your pictures in India :) All your blogs are my favorite! Rox

Davin said...

I enjoyed the one where you surprised your sis in Ohio, especially when she was able to get everyone to post. What was the final tally...200 or something?

Kelly said...

Yeah Davin, and not a peep about it in the highlights of her year.

I came here to comment how I enjoyed every moment of her year as it unfolded, but...

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Kelly, I keep that moment in my heart. In my HEART.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Roxi, I think I'll have to pack it for the India trip. One never knows when one needs to show up very brightly on roads.

Chris said...

It's been a fun year! My fav was Toledo. And you're too good for Ryan.

Hanna said...

I definately agree that the Ryan post is the best one. It made me laugh like a crazy person.

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