Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grand Canyon Photo Shoot

Tyra Mail!

"We're going to the GRAND CANYON!  This is your best chance to be FIERCE ladies.  I want jeans, I want little to no make up.  I want wind-blown hair and $2 Target gloves.  I want sweaters and scarves and try to look cold!"

"Perfect, Kady, now...lose the sunglasses."

"Yes, yes that's right...but stop squinting your eyes.  Use the trees!"

"Great.  Now, less tree, more EMOTION."

"Now I want to see you get low.  Really, get down there."



"Maybe a little less butt."

"OK.  Perfect, now don't forget about that tree."

"No, don't hide behind it!"

"We're losing daylight here, folks.  We might have to wrap early."

"One more, just in case."

"I'm sorry, Kady.  You are no longer in the running to be America's Next Top Model."


DB Stewart said...

Stop playing America's next top model next to a cliff!

Kerry said...

No, no, keep doing it! The cliff is irrelevant! I love it. I love ANTM. (and Project Runway.) I'm sure you could be ANTM. Less butt, and...smize!!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said... guys are like the little Kady devil and the little Kady angel on my shoulder....

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